I am


Often we are so busy trying to mould ourselves in the way the society wants to see us that we tend to forget our true self. How can you all out there judge and set boundaries for me when I haven’t figured myself out? But actually you might… you might actually know me better than what I know of myself because self stalking and showing mirror to our inner self is something that does not fall in our daily routine. If I have to be honest I think I know more about others than about myself. And the judgements and opinions that I have for them are actually knowingly or unknowingly setting up all the rules and boundaries for me. So if I don’t want to get confined within this superficial world  then it’s solely my responsibility to figure out myself.

So, I asked myself who am I? What am I? and strangely the answer that I gave to myself was different to the answer that I usually give to others. My introduction of me to you would involve my name, my religious believe, my cultural background, my nationality, the language that I speak, my likes, dislikes, my degree, my career and all those stuff that I gained, achieved or was given to me. But I am not just this much or let’s say this is not me, as these are the outcome from me and the life I was given to live. Had I was given a different life to live in a different world the outcomes of me would be different. And hence my introduction of me to you would be different.

So who am I then?

Here it is: I am an explorer trying to explore the hidden shades of life, walking in the twisted path of emotions and cluelessly in search of destination; a dreamer dreaming, imagining and creating different worlds, characters and situations and treasuring them like self existence; a fighter fighting with inner weaknesses, flaws, troubled thoughts and social odd norms; an introvert aloof from the world lost within self discovery; an observer observing changes in the society and environment with no preconceived notions; a listener listening to the various pitch of sound from vigorous screech to the still saturnine with no judgements.

I am an imperfection filled with flaws, broken dreams and damaged.

Yet I am not weak, I don’t give up or become someone else.

I am still strong, fearless and filled with courage :- ready to get up and fight back again.

Good or bad with all the negatives and positives I am happy and comfortable being me.

I am just like each one of you: distinct, unique and different.

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